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Social networking studies
K-12Max. 20
소셜 스터디 예시
Self-led studies
K-8K-12Max. 4
자기주도학습 예시
Weakness analysis
약점 분석 수업 예시
High-impact tutoring
K-8K-12Max. 2
밀착 과외 예시
Collaborative activities
K-2K-6Max. 6
협동 학습 예시
Discussions & presentations
K-6K-8Max. 20
토론과 발표 예시
Flipped learning
K-8K-12Max. 20
플립 러닝 예시
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File manager
Screen share
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Let Pagecall experts guide
you from zero to launch

Week 1
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Week 3
Week 4
Detailed proposal
Finalized design proposal
Develop customized plug-in
QA and integration testing
Successful service launch experience!

Pagecall was always open for communication. Thanks to smooth adoption of the solution, we were able to launch right on our schedule.

Always dreamed of a company like this

Thanks to Pagecall's seamless real-time video, audio, and whiteboard sharing, we were able to achieve 120% of what we'd only imagined in an offline setting.

Perfect product with tech support

Setting up your own online communication service is a lot of work. Pagecall provided one-stop service from solution to tech support. I'm a happy customer.

Our passion, our partners

With 4.6 million in funding
we’re making a difference in education

Save your time with easy API & SDK integrations

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1import { PagecallView } from 'react-native-pagecall';
3export default function App() {
4 return (
5 <PagecallView
6 uri={`https://app.pagecall.com/meet?room_id=${MY_ROOM_ID}`}
7 />
8 );
Ultra-low latency, real-time sync, dynamic experience

Enhance online education
with AWS and Pagecall

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